5 Tips for Low-Stress School Mornings

Back To School, Korean Woman Helps Her Daughter Get Ready For Sc

Parents who are gearing up to send their kids back to school know how stressful it can be. Not only are your children trying to get back into their old routine, but you are also readjusting to their new school schedule. Get your kids ready for school each morning by following these low-stress parent-approved tips.

1. Set Drop Zones
Make sure your kids put their backpacks in the same location every evening. Several Patterson homes feature “drop zones” near the entryways, which resemble a cubby for neatly tucking away shoes, bags, jackets, and more. If your home doesn’t have a dedicated drop zone, create your own drop zone space using wall hooks or a storage cubby for your kids’ daily school gear.
2. Set Up a Routine
Setting up a regular morning routine can make school mornings less stressful. This includes preparing breakfast and packing lunches the night before, laying out clothes, and choosing an appropriate wake-up time for the entire family that allows enough time to get to school before the bell.
3. Use Technology
Utilize technology to help with planning, such as setting alarms on phones, using digital calendars to stay organized, taking advantage of online lunch ordering options, and creating morning playlists for getting the family in a good mood.
4. Enjoy Breakfast Together
It truly is the little things that make a difference, such as connecting over a meal. Taking a few minutes to eat as a family and discuss the day ahead can help create a calm and positive start to the day.
5. Forget Something?
Develop a plan for forgotten items. Have a list of items that are often forgotten and plan a morning backup for when those items lose their place. Forgot your kid’s jacket? No worries; there’s a backup jacket in the car.

With some planning, organization, and a regular routine, those school mornings will become a smooth and enjoyable process for you and your child before you know it!