10 Tips: How to Organize Your Garage the Easy Way

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Garages can quickly become a cluttered, disorganized mess. Organizing your garage properly can help you keep it clean and maximize the storage space available. Follow these simple and easy tips to manage your garage and keep clutter out.

1. Be Intentional
Pick a day to organize your garage and set aside a few hours to finally do it.

2. Toss, Donate, Keep
Remove everything from the garage. Sort items into piles of those that will be tossed, donated, and kept. Toss or donate anything you don’t use or need.

3. Wash Away Grime
Wash down the floors and walls, if necessary. After removing all items, use a simple all-purpose cleaner or a garden hose to remove dirt and grime.

4. Sweep
Debris and dust can quickly accumulate, so keep the garage clean by regularly sweeping. This will also help keep pests away.

5. Categorize Items
Categorize your garage items and assign a designated storage space for each type of item you have, such as tools and outdoor furniture. Create an organization system for things like hardware, automotive supplies, and sporting goods.

6. Use Overhead Storage
If you have large items taking up too much floor space, consider hanging storage racks from the ceiling. This can free up a great deal of space on the floor.

7. Maximize Wall Space
Utilize shelves, hooks, and wall organizers to hold smaller items and maximize storage space.

8. Label Everything
Use labels to identify the items stored in each section and shelf. This will make it easier to locate items quickly when you need them.

9. Protect Items Stored Outdoors
Store items outdoors in plastic totes or bins with lids to protect them from the elements.

10. Keep Items Off the Floor
Keep all items off the floor and tucked away on shelves. Utilizing all of the wall space is a great way to get items off the floor and keep your garage looking neat.

Organizing your garage may seem intimidating, but sorting items into categories and creating a designated storage space for each will make your life easier. Follow these tips to keep your garage looking neat and organized.