Why You’ll Love Our Community Amenities

If you’re a potential homebuyer, you’re probably laser-focused on you and your family. Does the home have enough room for you to set up a proper office and playroom, and enough closet space to store all your shoes? Is the location in a good school district, and does it lend itself to a reasonable commute for you and your spouse? However, once you move and get all unpacked, you’ll probably turn your eye towards building a bond with your neighbors. And there’s no better facilitator for new friendships than community spaces! Check out the amenities offered in Patterson’s neighborhoods:

Swimming Pool

Now that summer’s in full swing, there’s no better way to spend a hot, sticky day than relaxing on the deck with a book while your kids splash away right beside you. Our Gardens of Three Rivers community in Murfreesboro and Scales Farmstead in Nolensville each boast a generously sized pool. No need to make the trek to (or drop cash for) a trip to a town pool!


Looking for a lively place to hold book club meetings or evening soirees? What about a community game night for your neighborhood kids? At our Scales Farmstead development, we offer a sizeable clubhouse that creates a centralized gathering place for the community and serves as the perfect party-hosting spot!

Walking Trails

While your walks down your neighborhood sidewalk are pleasant, sometimes you want something new. How would you like to be surrounded by nature without having to leave your immediate vicinity? Scales Farmstead also offers walking trails right in the heart of your community, perfect for your morning jog or evening dog duty.

Looking for a stylish, well-built home in a welcoming community? Give us a call today!