What’s In and What’s Out with Paint Colors

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Whether we’re looking to create a calming oasis, a bold statement, or an inviting gathering place, the right paint color can make all the difference. The trends for home paint colors are constantly changing, and several new options are emerging for 2023. By understanding the current trends and their impact, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your home’s color scheme and create a space that truly feels like yours.

Here’s what’s in and what’s out for home paint colors this year.

Paint Colors That Are In

Neutrals are in, with light gray and beige being among the top choices. These colors are great for almost any room, as they provide a calming atmosphere and are great for making small spaces look larger.

In addition to neutrals, muted colors like sage green, dusty blue, and muted yellow are also very popular. These home paint colors provide a hint of color without being too overwhelming.

Shades of black are also in for 2023. Black can be used to create a timeless, sophisticated look in any room. To add more interest, try pairing black with those muted colors like deep browns, purples, and blues.

Metallics are another home paint trend that is emerging for 2023. Shiny golds, bronzes, and silvers are all very popular home paint colors. Metallics can be used to add glamour and sophistication to powder rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Paint Colors That Are Out
On the other hand, some paint colors have become less popular in recent years. Bold colors, such as vibrant red, have become outdated in many homes. Instead, people are opting for more muted tones.

Some interior designers argue that orange and pink are also no longer in style. These bright colors can make a room look and feel overwhelming. So, opt for lighter shades like sky blue, mint green, and lavender.

Overall, the trends for home paint colors in 2023 are full of exciting new options. Neutral colors, muted tones, and metallics are all very popular, while bright colors like red and pink are becoming less popular. As long as you choose complementary colors for your space, you can create a beautiful and inviting home.