Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter With These Best Practices

A Homeowner Is Cleaning Out Roof Gutters By Taking Away Debris,

Home and lawn maintenance reminders that will help preserve your space through the seasons.


Warm summer days are fading away as we enter the fall season. With autumn comes cooler temperatures, less sunshine, and unpredictable weather conditions. Just as our homes need a good spring cleaning, they also need some sprucing up in the fall. Prepare your home and lawn for fall so that it’s ready to handle the harshness of winter. 


Check for Drafts

Drafts around windows, doors, or through the attic will cause heat to escape from your home. Checking for drafts and sealing them will prevent unnecessary heat loss and will reduce your heating bill as a result. 


Tune Your Heating System 

Speaking of heating systems, you will soon have to switch the HVAC from cool to heat. Perform a routine check on your home’s heating system by examining the vents, the filters, and scheduling a heating system check-up with your local HVAC professional. 


Clean the Gutters 

This fall home maintenance tip is especially important during the fall when leaves rain down from the trees. Remove fallen leaves and any other debris from the drainpipes and gutters to prevent clogging. 


Continue Watering & Fertilize Your Lawn 

Watering your yard in the fall is essential to keeping your lawn looking healthy and green into the winter. Additionally, the soil’s nitrogen levels will drop at this time of year, which helps nurture the grass roots. So, use a nitrogen-based fertilizer to balance nitrogen levels and protect your grass.  


Clean the Fireplace 

Now is a good time to clean the chimney and fireplace (if you have one). Remove any ash or old charred wood from the fireplace, and hire a chimney cleaning professional to check the damper.



By following the fall home maintenance tips above, your house will be better equipped to thrive through the autumn and the following cold winter months.