5 Easy Ideas for DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Traditional handcrafted popcorn garland (strung together with go

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree this year by hanging a few DIY ornaments and decorations. 


1. Popcorn Garland

A popcorn garland is one of the oldest and most classic ways to decorate a tree for Christmas. It’s also the simplest! Pop a few bags of plain, unbuttered popcorn and grab a needle attached to some thin string. Then, string the popcorn pieces together to create a delicious DIY Christmas garland. 


2. Paper Garland

Similar to popcorn garland, making a DIY paper garland is just as simple! A snowflake is a common shape for a paper garland, but you can let your creativity run wild. Grab a needle attached to a thin string, and string the paper cutouts together to create your own garland. 


3. Clay Handprints

Clay ornaments make for some of the most meaningful DIY Christmas tree decorations. You take a glob of clay and mold it into something that feels personalized. In this case, have your kids mold it into the shape of their hands and let the clay dry, not forgetting to add a hole to loop a ribbon through for hanging. 


4. Coloring Ornaments

Grab a plain Christmas ornament and break out the paint! Paint a festive DIY Christmas ornament that highlights your artistic skills. It’s a fun hands-on activity for the kids, too, that will encourage their creativity. If you’re not feeling like cleaning up the mess from paint, opt for stickers or stamps! 


5. Mini Felt Wreath 

Use leftover felt scraps from your other DIY projects and turn the scraps into a mini wreath ornament. If you don’t have felt scraps lying around, buy a few sheets of dark green and light green felt for the ornament. Decorate the wreath with tiny bows, glitter, or colored pom pom balls.



Which DIY ornament will you make this holiday season?