How You Can Connect with Your New Neighbors

At Patterson, we understand that a strong sense of community can power a feeling of belonging and home. That’s why our newly-developed neighborhoods offer common green spaces and other amenities that are designed to bring you closer to your neighbors. If you’ve recently moved in to a new place, you might be looking to turn the strangers next door and across the street into close friends, but don’t know where to start. Here are some ways you can build a bond after the initial introductions:


A Holiday Surprise

Do you love spending a cozy December afternoon baking cookies? Bringing your holiday yield over to your new neighbors’ homes can help you strike up a great porch conversation as well as brighten their day and spread Christmas spirit. If you don’t like to bake, then consider getting your neighbors a small gift. This doesn’t have to be something expensive—a small craft or festive ornament would be a very sweet gesture.


Some Friendly Competition

Nothing tells you more about others than friendly competition. Challenge your neighbors for a fun holiday decorating contest, and watch everyone’s creative juices start flowing. Next you all can jump in your cars for your own personal light show as you drive through your neighborhood.


A Walking Club

What better way to get your daily recommended exercise than to work out with your neighbors? Even if you’re not a serious runner, getting an early-morning walking group together will help you build bonds and have outdoor fun while racking up the endorphins.


Online Fun

Even if you’re most comfortable staying at home, you can still connect with your neighbors! Organize weekly Zoom chats or happy hours with your neighbors, or try online escape rooms or game apps like Houseparty!