How to Stick to Your 2023 Goals

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New Year, new goals, new you. This mantra hangs in the air upon flipping our calendars into 2023. But with only 8% of Americans reaching their goals, what are you to do? How can you stick to your 2023 goals and make those resolutions come true? 


Tried and True Tips to Stick to Your 2023 Resolutions 

Whatever your goal this year, we want you to realize that it IS achievable. Follow the tips below (in order) to ensure you stay on track all year long and become part of the achieving few. 


Be Honest With Yourself 

First and foremost, be realistic when setting your New Year’s resolutions. Consider your lifestyle, daily schedule, and resource pool. Be honest with yourself about if you actually have the schedule, time, or money to meet your goals. Lifestyles can always be adjusted, but give yourself some leniency; it takes weeks to months to make a complete lifestyle change. 

Similarly, be honest about your intentions. Ask: 

  • Why am I setting this goal? 
  • What is driving me to achieve this goal? 
  • How will I feel if I accomplish this goal? 
  • How will this goal improve my current life?


Make a Specific, Measurable Plan 

You’ve sat down with yourself and had an honest internal conversation. Now, it’s time to make a plan that ensures you achieve your 2023 resolutions. The kicker here is to set a plan that is specific, measurable, attainable (realistic), and time-centered. 

Let’s assume for a moment that you’re an avid reader. Your specific, measurable plan would look something like this: finish one book per month, reading ‘X’ pages per week every night before bed. 

Your goals are much easier to reach when you clearly define them, and when they are easier to reach, you will feel compelled to keep moving forward. 



Be patient with yourself when trying to achieve your 2023 goals or create a new lifestyle for yourself. Remember the tips above, and you’ll celebrate success before you know it!