First-floor owners’ suite vs Second-floor owners’ suite

When building a new home, prospective owners have a lot of freedom in design. One of the decisions buyers need to make is where to put their bedroom. Here’s what you should consider when choosing between a first-floor owners’ suite or a second-floor owners’ suite.

What is an owners’ suite?

Any bedroom with an attached, private bathroom is a suite, while owners’ suites are the largest and most luxurious suites in a home. As multi-generational homes become more common, it will not be unheard of to see a home with more than one bedroom labeled as an owners’ suite — this is not the norm. Owners’ suites may have additional features like a jetted tub, fireplace, private balcony, double sink, and more.

Benefits of a first-floor owners’ suite

A first-floor owners’ suite, like the one in the Patterson Company, The Harpeth, has several advantages.

Mobility & future planning

First-floor suites are ideal for homeowners with mobility issues, or those looking for a home where they can age in place.

Added privacy

First-floor owners’ suites also give more privacy to homeowners, as the bedroom is a full floor away from children, roommates, or other household members.


Many homeowners, especially those with teenagers, enjoy having a first-floor bedroom where it is easier to monitor the coming and going of younger family members.

Drawbacks of a first-floor owners’ suite

There are additional factors homebuyers should consider before purchasing a home with a first-floor owner’s suite.

Noise level

A first-floor owners’ suite is located on the same level as the kitchen, family room, and other high-traffic areas. This can lead to less-than-ideal sleeping conditions for households with non-standard schedules.

Advantages of a second-floor owners’ suite

There are many benefits to second-floor owners’ suites as well. Patterson Company offers The Powell floorplan for buyers looking for a second-floor owners’ suite layout.

Bigger entertainment area

By placing all bedrooms upstairs, the entire first level is filled with public-facing spaces, such as a family room, kitchen, breakfast area, and study. This allows for plenty of open space for guests to mingle.

Helpful for parents

Parents of young children often enjoy second-floor owners’ suites for the convenience they bring. It’s much easier to hear children who are awake at night or help them to get back to bed when all bedrooms are located on the same floor.

Drawbacks of a second-floor owners’ suite

The disadvantages of a second-story owners’ suite will vary between each home, depending on which designated spaces are located on which floors. In general, homeowners decide against second-floor owners’ suites based on these two items.

Lack of privacy

With all bedrooms located on the same floor, there is less privacy overall — even behind closed doors.

Required mobility

Aging in place is more difficult in a home with a second-floor owners’ suite, but even a temporary injury could make homeowners wish they had opted for a first-floor bedroom.

Whether you’re looking for a home with a first or second-floor owners’ suite, Patterson Company has the perfect home for you! Check out our neighborhoods and find your perfect Middle Tennessee new construction home.