5 Design Trends to Love This Year

Interior Of Modern Living Room With Beige Sideboard Over Wooden

The top design trends for 2023 all point to creating interiors that make you smile. We don’t see white cabinets and neutrals taking a backseat this year, as timeless aesthetics are still at the forefront of interior design. But we will see a rise in personality-driven spaces that infuse pops of color, bold accents, and textures. 


5 Top Design Trends for 2023

2023 is the year to reimagine your space. 


Leveraging Natural Materials 

Natural materials are stepping into the spotlight as one of the top design trends for 2023. Try adding wood, stone, plants, and other natural Earthy elements into your home for a grounded ambiance. 


Bold Accent Walls 

While it might not be common to see an entire room painted orange, bold accent walls in spaces like powder rooms are a great idea. Half baths are an excellent place to experiment with new design trends that you might feel cautious splashing over larger interior spaces. 


Soft, Wellness-Centered Interiors 

This year, we’ll see a push toward carving wellness-focused spaces in homes. A principal designer, Joshua Smith, revealed to Veranda, “Clients are requesting intentional spaces for activities like meditation, yoga, exercise, and last but not least, home spas.” 


More Natural Lighting 

Natural light brightens a space and breathes life into a home. Maximizing natural light was a design trend for 2022, and it will continue to remain a top priority for designers in 2023. Small, closed-off windows are swapping out for floor-to-ceiling windows that flood light into a room. 


Touch of Nostalgia 

Nostalgic touches give your home a feeling of warmth and coziness. We anticipate poetic elements, such as vintage décor or reupholstered furniture, to be prominent this year—and this is one design trend everyone can love. 



We’ve seen several new trends rise in the ranks. But one constant remains the same: creating spaces that make you happy. Experiment, play with colors or textures, and lean on a philosophy of balance to create your dream interior.